Still Have Ceilings From the '70s?

Schedule acoustical ceiling removal services in San Jose, Gilroy & Morgan Hill, CA

While popcorn ceilings were once very popular, they can now make your home seem decades older. Thankfully, you can say goodbye to those outdated and discolored acoustical ceilings when you work with Esquives Custom Drywall Corp in San Jose, Gilroy or Morgan Hill, CA.

We'll scrape away every bump and groove so you get flat, modern ceilings. To learn more about our ceiling services, get in touch with us right away.

Why should you remove your popcorn ceilings?

You may be wondering if your acoustical ceilings really need to be removed. Well, popcorn ceilings can:

  • Make your home look outdated and decrease its value
  • Create shadows, making your room look dim and small
  • Hold dust, mold and bacteria, affecting the health of your family or employees

Don't wait to remove your popcorn ceilings. Schedule an appointment for our ceiling services now.